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Earthstock, Rides for Racks, and the Bike-Boat-Bike

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Spring is here! A group of us made a Brooklyn ride a couple of weekends ago (pictures? anybody have pictures?) We did about 20-30 miles from Williamsburg to Coney Island and back. The weather was still a little cool, but the sun was great (blinding actually…)

Last weekend I puttered around the Three Villages area with Chris Brunson stopping at such landmarks as the Emma Clark Library and the Country Corner. There were a few fellow bicyclists out on the streets both days this weekend.

This Friday, is EarthStock! Freewheel will have a table with club information and tube patch kits, bike pump, a bike stand, and a small tool set on hand. We will be on the academic mall all day, amidst many other booths and exhibits. If you think you can stop by and lend a hand, we need volunteers to talk about Freewheel, help people patch their tubes, and adjust brakes, derailleurs, etc.

I will lead a bike ride on Friday afternoon to start a project that I hope to complete in the next week, with the help of other Freewheelers and people recruited at Earthstock. The ride on Friday afternoon will be around campus and it will start from the academic mall at 3pm, stop by the freewheel table for more details and a more exact start location. We will also have a ride on Saturday morning starting from the fountain at the academic mall at 10 am. If there is time and interest, this ride will continue off campus on a route to be determined.

The goals of these rides:
1. Raise awareness of Freewheel, its goals, and its membership.
2. Identify the location of existing bike racks on campus.
3. Take an inventory of the bikes locked to these racks,

  • how many look like they are recently used?
  • how many look like they are neglected/abandoned?

4. Take an inventory of bikes locked to objects on campus other than racks,

  • how many look like they are recently used?
  • how many look like they are negleted/abandoned?
  • how many pose as serious obstructions/hazards to pedestrians (esp. the visually-impaired)?

5. Based on the use of racks/location of bikes locked to “non-rack objects”, where should new bike racks be placed?

The results from this inventory will be presented to the Administration of Facilities and Services. Freewheel has been working with the Administration on a program that will remove abandoned bikes around campus and either recycle them or refurbish them for reuse by members of the campus community.

Last bit is a heads up on a Suffolk County Bicycle Riders’ Association Ride on the first weekend of June. Its the Bike Boat Bike ride on Long Island’s east end. You can register for anywhere between 25 – 125 mile ride. The bike ride includes a ferry ride to Shelter Island and the bicycling is mostly on flat and gently rolling terrain. Should be fun!


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