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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

Ride this week!


Its getting close to the end of the semester and the pressure of finals, grading, etc. is bearing down upon us.  What better way to relieve some of that stress than to take a relaxing bike ride around the area?  Post comments here to suggest a ride this week.

I’ll start: Stony Brook Campus to Port Jefferson Village, Saturday April 26, 10 am meet at the fountain in the center of campus (up by admin and the humanities bldgs).  Post a comment that you would like to join this ride or suggest another.

Author: FWC

assembling people's activities around bicycles.

7 thoughts on “Ride this week!

  1. IT”S ABOUT TIME! I’m ready to ride! we have past several sunny days begging me to get my bike out of the garage….to go for ice cream!
    How about a ride to Mc Nulty’s in the future?

    As for the ride to Port Jeff village, count me in!
    see you all at the foutain saturday

  2. two wheels spinning fast
    bike and i are one again
    now that spring has come

  3. Great! Look forward to riding with both of you this weekend… grab some friends, eh?

  4. i am not sure that i can make it. i just wanted to share my haiku.
    i will try though.

  5. Hi! newcomer here, too bad i won’t be able to make it this weekend, enjoy the ride!.. maybe next time =D

  6. Too bad, Preston. You should propose a day that you can lead a ride, though!

  7. You can count me in!!

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