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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

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Chainless bikes: the wave of the future?

There is a company called Dynamic Bicycles, which produces bikes that use a drivetrain (like a car) instead of the traditional chain-and-derailleur mechanism. They have many styles from road to hybrid. Pretty cool.  They claim they are far more reliable and less messy than chain bikes. But I bet you’d have a really hard time trying to fix them yourself!

Check out their site here.

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Bicycle Film Festival NYC 2008

The Bicycle Film Festival is currently being held in New York City. It started yesterday and continues until Sunday (May 28th – June 1st). Unless otherwise stated, films will be shown at the Anthology Film Archives at 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street in the East Village.

You can find the full schedule here:



Summer Open Hours

Well, wherever we got the information that the Union would be open later this summer seems to be wrong.  The official facility hours for the Union posted on the university website state that it will close at 6 pm M-F (closed weekends), so this means we will have to have open hours significantly earlier than we had planned.

We are going to hold open hours tomorrow from 4-6 pm in order to help gauge need and interest in this day/time.  If we get more turnout we will consider extending open hours further. If you really want to come to open hours but Tuesdays aren’t going to work for you, please suggest another day and we’ll see what we can do.


Old Field Lighthouse Ride


Originally uploaded by freewheelcoordinator

Another great day and another great ride! J. Matt and Pat joined me for a 11 mile odyssey to the northern shore. Quite a lot of wildlife was seen and fun was had by all.

I have started a new set on our Flickr account with pictures from our recent rides. You should check it out and see what you’ve been missing.

Any ideas for rides over the summer? Let us know!