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Ride to Nissequogue and St. James. Saturday 10am. Fountain. Be there.

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We’ll go somewhere by bike starting from the fountain at admin at 10am saturday.

I propose the following ride (it’s similar to one we’ve done in the past:

distance: ~16.5 mile

difficulty: some hilly terrain and some high traffic area

This is a road ride through Stony Brook, Head of the Harbor, Nissequogue, and St. James. The hills along the back reaches of Stony Brook Harbor and the Nissequogue River are pretty fun, but they require you and your bike to be in reasonably good condition. You should always wear a helmet, and you should definitely wear one on this ride. Please bring something for your lunch or bring a little money, we will stop in St. James for baked goods or other food treats.

Update: If the weather is bad, we won’t ride. A little rain isn’t too bad, and we have done a group ride in the pouring rain before. I’ll post the final call here around 9am tomorrow. The chance of rain is still low, predicted at 30%
Update: Still a chance of rain, but things are looking ok now. I’ll be out at the fountain if there are any takers.


One thought on “Ride to Nissequogue and St. James. Saturday 10am. Fountain. Be there.

  1. I can’t go to that one either- Paper paper paper….BOOOOOO!

    next weekend might work! ride to McNulty’s? Are they open yet?

    have fun (lucky bastards!)

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