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Campus Life Awards

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For the past two years, Freewheel has been very lucky to receive a total of 4* Campus Life Awards! We have been nominated again this year, so come on out and show your support for Freewheel and other active campus groups. Here is the announcement (sent by Dr. Sue Dimonda, Associate Dean and Director of Student Life):

Campus Life Awards Ceremony and Reception- For Excellence in Leadership & Campus Involvement
Wednesday, May 7, 2008, SAC Auditorium 5:30pm – 7:00pm Reception to follow

*Its a weird story, we actually won 3 awards, but we have 4 award plaques.  There was a mix up last year where they awarded us the wrong award and then didn’t have plaques made up for the awards we did win!

One thought on “Campus Life Awards

  1. You should not have admitted that we really only won three. I feel like we deserve them, dammit!

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