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Early Saturday West Meadow Beach Ride


This weekend, Jenny will lead a local ride at an earlier time. Please RSVP in the comments section if you intend to ride. Here’s what she has in mind:

“I’m ready to lead an early ride on saturday. I propose to depart from the fountain @ 8 a.m. and go to West Meadow beach to enjoy the sunrise and walking on the beach. Stop at Anne Marie’s farm stand on the way back. Return early enough to get a good day’s worth of work done.”

This is a nice, local ride of easy to moderate difficulty. There are only a few hills, traffic is fairly light, and the scenery is nice. The round-trip distance (if you go all the way out to the tip of West Meadow Beach) will probably be less than 10 miles.

Here’s a hypothetical route from campus to West Meadow, with a stop at Anne Marie’s on the way back.


Author: FWC

assembling people's activities around bicycles.

3 thoughts on “Early Saturday West Meadow Beach Ride

  1. Pretty sure I can make it. It’s on my calendar in any event so I won’t forget. Early morning rides are fun!

  2. Chris! Bring your camera please- you can get some pics to post later on…

  3. I’ll be around on campus this time! Should be able to make it, might bring a suitemate along with me.. going on a ride instead of studying for BIO344, great idea right Chris? =D

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