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West Meadow Beach Ride

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So, Jenny and I were the only two to go on the ride this Saturday, but I’ll say you all missed a beautiful day out there on the road. The first stop was West Meadow Beach, which is still a little too chilly for swimming, nonetheless fun was found amidst the playground swingsets and giant tic-tac-toe board (it was a tie). Next we headed down West Meadow Rd towards Old Field Rd. where we then made a stop at Frank Melville Memorial Park–a place teeming with wildlife (well…turtles and swans at least). But seriously it is a cool place and within easy biking distance of SBU. It is a really beautiful and serene place to visit. On our way back to campus down North Country Rd. we noticed that the Three Village Historical Society was holding a huge yard sale with more bric-a-brac than you could shake a stick at. All in all it was a great day for a great ride on a route that is easy for anyone to make on their own. If anyone is interested in taking this ride leave a comment and we’ll put together another ride for over the summer.


Author: Chris Noto

Just a guy. Who likes stuff.

One thought on “West Meadow Beach Ride

  1. Yes Mr. Noto! I most certainly agree! You all missed a great ride. Other interesting places right along this route are: The Emma Clarck Library, The historical post office (just a post office, but they sometimes carry much fancier stamps and marchandise than our usual campus one), Anne marie’s farm stand, the check mate bar (if you ride later in the day, they have nice tables in the sun) as well as the small but interesting Gallery North that has a small boutique with many local artist’s confections. So get out there and check it out!
    HEY PEOPLE- When’s the next ride?

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