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Old Field ride tomorrow?


I thought it would be neat to take a trip out to Old Field and visit the Old Field Lighthouse and the surrounding beach. I’ve never been there before so I’d like to go. We could also make a stop off at Flax Pond on the way back. I have mapped out a potential route here, which is about 10 mile round trip (if we go to Flax pond). There will be a few moderate hills along the way. If you’ve never been out in this direction I think it’s worth the trip. It should be a beautiful, warm day so make sure to bring sunscreen and water.

So who’s game? Meet at the fountain at 8 am? Let me know in the comments section.


Author: Chris Noto

Just a guy. Who likes stuff.

2 thoughts on “Old Field ride tomorrow?

  1. How about 9am?

  2. Sure, that works for me. Let’s meet at 9 am then.

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