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Paul Simon’s Foundation Ride, follow-up post

Okay, so I didn’t go on the ride. Shame on me, I’ve been working all day. BUT, I did go over to the SAC at 7:45am this morning to talk to people at the registration about Freewheel. I basically outlined the projects Freewheel has running and our goals, and I tried to let them know that we are looking for people to get involved. Although I couldn’t talk to everyone, I did talk to at least 15 or so people both at the registration and going on the ride, and I handed out cards with the summer open hours and “Volunteer mechanics needed!” written on the back.

People seemed very interested in what Freewheel is doing, both with regard to donating bikes and parts, as well as getting the word out about our needs. I say they seemed very interested because they were actually asking me for cards, in addition to simply accepting the ones that I offered.

It would have been more effective to have had a small table or some pamphlets or something so I didn’t have to bother people with the same spiel over and over again, but I think it should be easy enough to put together something of the sort, if we don’t already have it. Maybe we can make some nice pamphlets, and work on some new pictures to put together a small poster for a display table for such events?

I was encouraged by the interest people within the broader community had in Freewheel, and this was even with my rushed spiel. I think we just need to keep getting the word out whenever possible, and the results I hope will be positive.