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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

Freewheel workshop rules

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These rules are copied directly from the sign I am making to hang up in the Freewheel workshop.  Please proofread them and let me know if there is anything I missed.

Do-it-yourself workshop rules

  1. Get started! Our volunteer mechanics will be glad to help you out with questions
  2. Feel free to use our tools, but put them away when finished
  3. Be smart, be safe. Make sure you have the right tool for the job and know how to use it. If you have never used the tool before, please ask before you break something or hurt yourself
  4. If you want to learn mechanic skills, join in!
  5. Always work over a drop cloth and clean up after yourself
  6. Donations are always happily accepted (cash, bikes, etc)

Fixing your bicycle

  1. Our tools are located in the cabinets
  2. Used parts are available for no cost. Please ask whether the parts you need are currently dedicated to another project
  3. New parts are available for low cost
  4. Ask a Freewheel Member if you need any help!

Receiving a refurbished bicycle

  1. Labeled bicycles belong to other people and are not available
  2. Available bicycles are located in the row of bikes marked “available”
  3. Almost all of them will need work. Some will need extensive work. You earn the bicycle by fixing it yourself (with our help)
  4. You must fill out paperwork before starting and label your project
  5. If you leave an unfinished bicycle, it must be labeled with the most recent date that you’ve worked on it and you must work on it again within two weeks (unless you contact us) or it will be returned to the available pool
  6. A bicycle is not complete until it has been checked and approved as road-safe by a Freewheel member mechanic

Information and contact

  1. Email the Freewheel coordinator:
  2. On the web at: includes info on meeting times and the mailing list. The URL is case sensitive (capital ‘C’)
  3. Blog: up-to-date info and announcements

Adam has been working on a new liability waiver, which requires that signees and bike recipients read these rules.  I am going to print them on foam board and hang them off the back of the white board.  So, in summation please comment, let me know what is missing, or if I made any mistakes.  I felt bad about putting things like “Don’t annoy the freewheel mechanics.”


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