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BEACHES TO BEACHES, Setauket to Sinai Ride

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Tomorrow, Fourth of July, we are going for a ride from West Meadow Beach in Setauket to Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai. This will probably be an early afternoon ride (meeting at noon), but I will update when I’ve confirmed a time. We’ll meet at the head house of West Meadow Beach, ride through Old Field, Setauket, Poquott, Port Jefferson, and Mount Sinai to the Beach. Here is a meandering, 30 mile version of the route, with stops at several beaches or waterviews along the way.

Here is the more direct, 20 mile, there and back route.

  • We’ll determine the route at the start or as we go along.
  • Make sure to bring water, sunscreen, and a snack.
  • You might also want to bring along or wear a bathing suit, because there will be lots of opportunities to get in the water along this ride!
  • If you are interested in joining us, please email FWCOORD at gmail dot com

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