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Manhattan Ride: coming soon


I am in the planning stages for a Manhattan ride.  The plan is to start in Brooklyn, head over either the Williamsburg bridge or another, ride the bike trail ALL the way around Manhattan, from the Battery to Fort Tryon Park.

I did this a while ago.  It is about 30 miles, and only hilly in the extreme north of Manhattan. It’s a great ride, you see lots of cool neighborhood and we can all grab a delicious lunch at a fancy restaurant or something.

Here is a link to the proposed route

I am suggesting that we take this ride on a Sunday.  DATE TO BE DETERMINED

Proposed dates (vote in Comments Section):

August 3

August 10

August 17

August 24

August 31

Author: jmatthoch

J. Matt is a beautiful animal. J. Matt is a destroyer of worlds. J. Matt is J. Matt freaking Hoch!

10 thoughts on “Manhattan Ride: coming soon

  1. We can carpool in or take the train. Get a bike pass for the LIRR next time you ride in anticipation!

  2. I don’t know anyone on here, but I’d be interested in the ride. I will be in Queens that day to begin with so may just be able to meet up with everyone. Please let me know when you decide to do this. Thanks!

  3. i have a bike pass. the 3rd might be difficult for me, but the other dates do not currently pose a conflict.

  4. If it’s on the 31st, I’d be psyched to join in.

  5. i will go on any of those dates, if i am able!

  6. I vote for Aug 10, by the way.

  7. I would love to join you. For me 3rd is best and 10th is not possible. Other dates should be fine.

  8. I am still in France until the 14th of August. After that I’d love to go.

  9. Then I change my vote to Aug 17.

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