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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

Two new features to Freewheel Blog!


We will be adding two new features to the blog and would like to invite our readers to participate.

#1: Near miss stories

We will post brief accounts of near accidents, crashes or collisions that occurred on bicycle. The purpose is to share stories and to highlight the sometimes danger of biking. The more we think about these issues, the easier they will be to avoid.

If you have a near miss story, email it to:

#2: Danger Zones

These will be brief posts identifying areas in Stony Brook and Long Island that have some hazard or other feature that reduces bicycle safety. We will tag these with “Danger Zone” to build a comprehensive list of areas to avoid or to take extra care while riding.

If you know of a Danger Zone, please email it to


Author: jmatthoch

J. Matt is a beautiful animal. J. Matt is a destroyer of worlds. J. Matt is J. Matt freaking Hoch!

2 thoughts on “Two new features to Freewheel Blog!

  1. Please note that submitted posts are subject to editing for content by fwcoord and the blog admins.

    Also, we could add morals of the story for fun.

    Lastly, while often bike accidents occur due to disrespect from drivers, they also can occur when cyclists aren’t following the rules of the road or are not paying attention. So it is worth posting near-misses (or not misses!) that are our fault as well (not that the “near miss” implied only driver-fault, but just that this is more likely type of story people will think to post). Like the time I was going the wrong way down the sidewalk of the one-way street in Manhattan and almost got taken out by a van pulling out of a road I couldn’t see because there was a big plywood construction wall in the way. Yes I saw my life flash before my eyes. No I will never do that again.

  2. My friend (may his or her name remain unknown) has a habit of crossing to the left hand side of the street when making a left turn. My friend almost got pasted after a 30 mile ride on our rode bikes while cutting across the front of a car coming out of the cross street from the left. I got so angry, told him to stop riding like a 10 year old…

    And it happened again while riding the North Fork Century last weekend! I wanted my friend to fall behind me while I took control of the lane of traffic in order to make a left turn, and next thing I know, the bike is over on the left shoulder again!

    Cars like nice, predictable riders that signal their intentions and don’t make unexpected moves. And you know what? I like cars that make nice, predictable…

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