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Danger Zone!

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Danger Zone: Evening riding

#1: Evening riding by itself is bad enough, what with the decreasing light levels, the different darkness thresholds people have for turning on headlights and increasing traffic associated with afternoon rush-hour.

#2: A new problem, specific to the late summer has appeared! Swarms of tiny midge-like insects that emerge from whatever torpor with which they pass the day, and fly up to eyeball level in the evening.

Story: Last evening, circa 8pm, I was riding to Lee’s house and coming down the weak hill on Route 25A in Stony Brook. Just as I approached the little nursery west of the train station I went through such a swarm. Fragile flying insects filled my eyes, blinding me with tears and bug-guts. At the same moment I hit a patch of sandy gravel that had spilled from the nursery’s parking lot into the bike lane. I wanted to stop because I couldn’t see anything, but I know if I hit the brakes in the gravel-puddle I would crash for sure. I held on until I felt clean road again, and then stopped to rub my eyes. Rather than removing the bug matter from my eyes, this only pulverized it more and I had to creep the rest of the way to Lee’s house with severely blurred vision.

Author: jmatthoch

J. Matt is a beautiful animal. J. Matt is a destroyer of worlds. J. Matt is J. Matt freaking Hoch!

One thought on “Danger Zone!

  1. Those bugs have actually been swarming for much of the summer in my experience, hence my super-cool sparkly clear glasses for evening riding. I suggest everyone get themselves a pair. And the excess dirt, gravel and sand on the side of the road are especially bad after heavy rains.

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