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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

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A note about today’s open hours, 9/30

The Student Union building is closing at 7pm so today’s hours will be short. We will open at 5pm to help make up for it, but there also may not be many mechanics. Therefore if you have major overhauls to do, you might wait until next week.  But for minor repairs or if you don’t need much help, stop on by between 5 and 7pm.

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Web Site.

Just a quick reminder to all that I have (possibly temporarily) taken over the website from Chris Noto. So let me know if there are any changes that people want.

Also, as our lineup has changed pretty dramatically this semester I need to update the “Who We Are” page.  So anyone who wants to be on there please email me a photo (two if you want Noto’s roll-over thing to live on) and a brief description of why you’re awesome.  Just look at the site for the type of stuff.


Freewheel Space Robbed.

Pardon the delay on reporting this on the blog, but I think most of us were waiting for tempers to cool a bit before posting.

Sometime between the 9th and 16th of September, some “work in progress” bikes were stolen from the Freewheel space in Club Alley.  At least four frames were stolen, things were moved about, and the shop was generally kind of trashed.  While I suppose it is possible that people simply thought that the bikes were free, this seems unlikely given that the tags identifying the owner’s of several bikes (including my project bike) were ripped off and left behind.  But, if on the offhand chance that someone reading this took a bike on a night we were not open and now realizes that this is not how Freewheel works, please return it.

The police have been contacted, and we will be dealing with building security to make our space more secure.  We will post any and all changes to how things run here as we know.

Mainly, I’m posting this here not in hopes of gathering a posse to hunt these people down (though I’m sure a few of us would like to), but instead to reiterate Adam’s call for donations.  We were already spread extremely thin with available bikes, but now we have to earmark everything coming in to the people who’s bikes were stolen.  So, if you’ve got a bike you don’t need, or see one being thrown out, please bring it to us or contact one of us and we’ll pick it up.

Thanks in advance.