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T-shirt order coming soon.


I asked for a quote from the t-shirt printer. Here is a link to the colors available.

I think a good deal (for us) will be wholesale cost + 25%, so prices will be:

Regular T-shirt, $12.26
Ladies t-shirt, $13.24
Pullover Hoodie, $22.51
Zipper Hoodie, $28.21

Soon, I will place the order and have a check cut from our university account. Those of you who owe money for a shirt can pay it to petty cash, (either me or Pat).

Want a hoodie?  I am only going to order them for people notifying me in advance.  Leave it in the comments! I will order many t-shirts and a few ladies t-shirts.

Author: jmatthoch

J. Matt is a beautiful animal. J. Matt is a destroyer of worlds. J. Matt is J. Matt freaking Hoch!

3 thoughts on “T-shirt order coming soon.

  1. I want to order 2 shirts for myself… can I pick the colors before you put in an order?

  2. Lake and Charcoal, size Large. Thanks!

  3. Not sure if you’re checking the comments on both of posts, but I’d like a large pullover hoodie please.

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