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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

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NYPIRG’s Statewide Clean Energy Bike Tour, rally 10/17

NYPIRG is holding a “Clean Energy Bike Tour” to promote emissions reductions in NY State. The tour starts at Stony Brook University and ends in Albany. If you are around campus at noon on 10/17, please stop by the DEC Building and attend their rally. They are simply looking for people to support their cause, and I think most of us do support the mission to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Their goal is to urge NY State to become a leader in this cause by reducing emissions by 80% by 2050. NYPIRG has helped in other environmental issues such as passing of the “Bottle Bill” which led to an increase in annual recycling efforts, and reduction of mercury emissions from coal burning plants by 2015. Hopefully this ride and the associated rallies will also have a positive effect.

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HR 305 & the importance of bicycling

In an attempt to be “fair and balanced” (oo. that phrase is probably trademarked now, isn’t it?), I was looking for some pictures of McCain on a bike, or doing something even more substantive for bicycle advocacy. I didn’t look for very long, but I didn’t find anything to post in support of him.

However, I did find this post from a Portland, OR bicycle advocacy blog that referred to a bill sponsored by an Oregon representative and that was passed by the House of Representatives back in May.  The bill recognizes the importance of bicycling as a viable alternative to personal motorized transportation.  It is currently in committee in the Senate (in a committee in which Sen. McCain is a member).

I’m just now reading the bill, so if you read it and have any comments to make, please leave them here. How does your sense of the importance of bicycling compare to the legalese of the HoR?