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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

anti-dooring campaign, anyone?

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This seems like a good idea. They have stickers we can print on the website, although i personally prefer this one. Huge kudos to the people who started this idea, and those who are passing it along. I cannot count the number of times I have been riding in the city and had moments of petrification (well, i was petrified, but that didn’t stop my bike from continuing full speed ahead), praying not to get knocked out by a door. If anyone is interested in printing up some stickers and finding [responsible] places for them, you could do this yourself, or maybe freewheel could find the funds to print some up as well? Any ideas? I realize many of us don’t ride in the city, but I think enough of us do that we recognize the issue.

What about a general “please respect cyclists on the road” campaign? May have to brainstorm a bit more about it, but Long Island seems a place that people should be reminded. And do we have any cyclist safety rules, hand signals included, printed up anywhere? I mean, beyond this post?


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