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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

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Open Hours May 19th.

May 19th: Normal open hours (6-9 pm)

May 26th on: 4 – 6 pm open hours.

By the way, if you are around over the summer, please come by and help keep the shop running.  Many of us will be out of town.

Also “We’re elf, eh?” is an anagram of Freewheel.  Think on that.

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Post-defense ride

The day after my PhD dissertation defense I went on an 18 mile bike-ride in New York City.  I rode from Astoria, over the triborough, through Randalls Island, over the triborough again to Manhattan, then up to the Bronx.  From there I crossed back to Manhattan and rode down the west side bike path.   Finally, I went back over the Queensborough.  Pictures below.

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Beware flooding in the Midwest

Those of you who know me, know I moved out to Michigan last August for a job. Been doing lots of little dinky rides around, mostly for commuting to work. Not a whole lot worth seeing out here. A couple weekends ago, Summer (another former Freewheeler) and I made a trip along the river path running through Lansing (capital of Michigan, but I digress…). For several days before this we’d been bombarded with heavy spring rain storms. Trees were down and every low-lying piece of topography was overflowing with water, including the path. This is what I would call a “low key adventure”. See the pics below!

Problem#1: Trees and branches covering the path

Problem#1: Trees and branches covering the path

The branches were the least of our troubles. In several places the path was partially submerged.

Problem #2: Water on the path

Problem #2: Water on the path

The ride was meant to be over 10 miles, but was cut short  after we encountered an area where the entire path was submerged.


Problem #3: What do you do when the path washes away? Note the yellow sign that says watch out for water.

We had no map, so we had no idea how to get around and ended up doing only 9 miles.  But the moral of the story is don’t ride on river paths in the Midwest during the spring rainy season.