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Chainring madness

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Just because I can’t let Adam have the last word on crazy bike breakages.

Here are some photos of the chainrings on my fixed gear after a little mishap going down the hill in Port Jefferson.  I was following Matt Lammens, who’s computer maxed out at over 30 mph.  About of a third of the way down the hill I was treated to a metal grinding noise and my back tire locked up.  Somehow I managed to control the skid for 10-15 feet before my chain popped off.  After that it was a simple matter to stop with one brake.


I have no idea what happened.  The fact that the outer chainring bent too indicates to me that maybe something hit it.

The moral of this story:  When building a fixed-gear bicycle, do not use crappy rivited chainring / crank  from the mid 80’s.



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