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Amazing Ride of Dr. Noto and Dr. Hoch

On Sunday August 9, Dr. Christopher R. Noto and Dr. J. Matt Hoch went on a 35 mile ride in New York City.

Map of the ride through Gmaps pedometer- there is a slight discrepancy in total distance owing to our winding path.

We met at my house in Astoria NY, and headed over the RFK bridge (formerly the triborough).

We took it to Ward’s Island and then to the Bronx.

We rode through the Brox up to Yankee Stadium.

We then Crossed the Harlem River at the Macomb Dam Bridge.

We followed the Greenway up to the farthest north point in Manhattan.

We turned around and joined the Dominican Day picnics in Inwood Park.

Then we tried to go down Dyckman Street to get to the Hudson River Greenway.  We tried to get on it going north, but just saw softball fields.  Then we tried to go south but just found a long trail through the brush.

Eventually we found the entrance to the Hudson River Greenway and followed it to the George Washington Bridge.

We rode across it, and enjoyed the view.

We made it to the other side, stepped on the New Jersey ground and then turned around.

We rode back to the Hudson River Greenway and took it to 97th street.  We stopped for popsicles, then headed to Central Park.  We rode through the park and to the Ward’s Island Pedestrian Bridge.

We crossed over the RFK-Triborough again, and then stopped at the Bohemian Beer Garden for some black ale.