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Accidental Ride Tuesday.

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So in the interest of reporting fun rides that we have completed I would like to describe my Tuesday:

First, I rode, as is my habit, from my apartment to the Flatbush LIRR station.  Leaving at 1 pm to catch the 1:25 train to Stony Brook

Then I boarded a train for my transfer in Jamaica.  Upon arrival in Jamaica I quickly noticed that it was September 8th, the day the train schedules change.  This meant that my quick and easy travel was more complicated.  The next train to Port Jeff was a couple hours away, so instead of going back home I decided to go for a ride and maybe find something fun to do.

I quickly realized that biking around Jamaica Station at 2 pm was, in fact, not all that much fun.  Returning to Jamaica I boarded the next Huntington train as I would have to transfer there anyways.   Once in Huntington I had about an hour to kill and again set out on my fixie to find something.

While, I won’t say I find much to do, it was a nice ride on a pretty day, and although clearly Huntington drivers are not as used to sharing their lanes as they could be, I didn’t have to kick any cars.

Anyways, the moral of this story is either “keep your bike with you at all times and unexpected travel delays will be a lot less frustrating”  or “pay attention to train schedules you idiot.”  You choose.

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