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Summer 2011 Hours

Hey All,

We’re planning on opening the shop through out the summer on Wednesday nights, from 4 to 5:45 pm, starting on June 1st.  We have to keep the hours short because the Union closes at 6.  Also, keep and eye on the blog, as it’s some times hard to cover the shop every week through the summer, and we’ll have to cancel every now and then.

See you down in Club Alley!

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my favorite fender

I’ve decided that this is the best invention ever:
I got one on sale for $14.99 from either chainlove or bonktown, I’m not sure which, but it is great. I can switch it between my two bikes, and it even is extendable. I’m not sure I would have paid $30 for it, but not knowing what it was exactly or how good it was when I paid $15, I would now say it’s a great investment for either price. And I have a stripeless back to show for it 🙂