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Another good (academic) year

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Well, the 2012 Spring semester has come to a close, and with that, we’ll be having some changes to shop hours for the summer session.  It also seems like a good time to briefly reflect on a year’s worth of helping people fix bikes.  In years past, the shop has been super busy in the Fall and Spring, but pretty quiet through the Winter months.  This year, perhaps because of the warm Winter, we were busy straight through.  That means that in the next few weeks we’ll have to catch up on some much need straightening up around the shop.  We had some difficult times covering shop hours this Spring, as we’re effectively down to only two mechanics in the shop.  So for those of you reading who live in the Stony Brook area, come on down and help out! or tell your friends to.  But nevertheless, we helped a ton of folks and got plenty of bikes working just a little bit better, and that’s always a good thing.

Quick Logistics:

The shop won’t be open this coming week (May 13 – May 19).  Keep an eye on this Blog to find out when we’ll be holding summer hours.  Safe riding to all for now!


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