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Hey all,
With the temperatures warming up I am seeing a lot more folks out riding around campus. That’s great! What’s not great is the way some of y’all are locking up your bikes. It’s time for an intervention. If you have a few minutes, take a look at this video and please stop:
1. Locking your bikes to the plastic fences like the ones around Javits and the Library (no tools necessary to steal since these fences break easily)

2. Using a cable (or U lock) to attach just the front / back wheel to your frame while not attaching the bike to something sturdy. (all a thief has to do is pop a wheelie or carry the bike away)

3. Leaving valuables on the bike like purses and backpacks since “you’ll only be gone for a few minutes”.

In the past few weeks we have seen a serious increase in the number of students with bikes either completely stolen or having lost a component like a wheel. We will alway try to do our best to help, but it just takes an extra minute or two to lock a bike up safely and avoid a lot of headaches. If you have any questions, please come stop by the shop and we’ll be happy to share some tips for locking up more securely.

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