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Survived another semester!

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Hey all,
Now that the semester is over, we’re going to be closed for the next two weeks. We need a bit of time to take inventory, clean shop, and rest after another very busy semester. Thanks to everyone that came and volunteered! It’s great to see returning folks as well as new faces.

We’re working on scheduling new summer hours. At the moment, I’m waiting on a couple of summer classes to finalize their schedules before discussing scheduling with our regular mechanics. Once everyone’s schedule has been finalized, we’ll post the new hours. Rest assured, we will be open consistently throughout the summer.

Finally, a big congratulations to all the graduating seniors and grad students (our own Matt Lammens has finished!). Please make sure to take some time to enjoy yourselves and celebrate all of your accomplishments. We’ll miss seeing you around and you’re always welcome to come back.


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