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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

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Spring Riding Season: Maintenance Reminder

Spring riding season is here! Please take the time to check over your bike before heading out to enjoy the warmer temperatures coming this week. A few minutes of work can avoid serious injuries and major maintenance problems while you’re on the road.

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No Shop This Week (3/19)…SPRING BREAK!

Hello everyone,
Just a reminder, we will be closed this week (3/19) for spring break. I hope everyone is enjoying the time off!

Just a reminder, if you haven’t ridden your bike since late fall / early winter, odds are pretty good that you need to add air to your tires and oil to your chain. Please don’t ride your bike if your tires are squishy or your chain is crusty / rusty. It can permanently damage your bike and put you at risk for a serious accident. We’ll be open next week and happy to teach you how to get your bike ready for the upcoming riding season.