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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

About Freewheel Collective

Freewheel Collective has existed in a variety of manifestations over several years. Freewheel was born in the basement of house of activists and community organizers in Huntington, then moved to a collectively run youth space called Freespace in Ronkonkoma, and is now “matriculating” at Stony Brook University. We have matured in some sense, even though we are back in a basement!

This is our mission:

The Freewheel Bicycling Collective is a non-profit, non-hierarchal group of individuals who are dedicated to aiding the local community with issues pertaining to bicycles and cyclists. Freewheel Collective has established a working community bicycle shop which repairs and grants donated and found bicycles, and offers free and/or low-cost repairs and bicycle education programs. Freewheel encourages and celebrates bike riding as an ecologically and economically sound form of transportation by organizing community rides and “Free Bike Repair” days. Freewheel aspires to raise awareness of the benefits of bike riding to the local community, whilst providing affordable or free bicycle maintenance.

8 thoughts on “About Freewheel Collective

  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to put together a bike for my 23 year old girlfriend that she can learn to ride on. Do you have spare training wheels for an adult? I’m open to other ideas. Also, how’s the plunder from the fall semester? Are there any decent abandoned bikes/ frames picked up by security at this time of year? Thanks.


    • We actually do have some training wheels in the shop – not sure if they’ll fit your bike, but come check it out. As for the incoming bikes, we got quite a few at the end of the Fall semester which we’ll be trickling in over the next few weeks/months. Although, they may be snowed in over at the shed!

  2. Hello, I am an incoming freshman for the Fall of 2013. I am interested in the adopt a bike program, and I was wondering how I can register? I can’t seem to find an email address to message. Thank you!

  3. Hello! Welcome to Stony Brook. We don’t have a registration program for the adopt a bike. All bikes are offered on a first come, first served basis. I’ll be posting our Fall 2013 hours soon. Once those are set, come on down to the shop and we’ll try to find something appropriate for your needs (sizing is always a big concern). If we do have a bike that is appropriate (our decision), you’ll be asked to read through the shop rules and then sign a waiver form (if you’re 18 or over). Fair warning, beginning of the semester is a very busy time for the shop and we have a very limited supply of available bikes.

    FYI, we don’t post our shop e-mail on the blog because it tends to attract a lot of spam.

  4. Hey There!!!! Are you still in operation or what have you morphed into!!!!
    I have a pile of bike parts that need a home!
    Give me a ring of a mail…… Bruce Murphy 917 750 6880

    • Hello,
      We are still in operation, but temporarily closed as we move to our new shop location. We’ll be back in business at the end of the month.

  5. Hi, can I come to your guys to get my bike fixed? I am not entirely sure what is wrong with it but am a little hesitant to ride it currently.

    • Of course! Just please be aware that we teach people how to fix bikes so you’ll be doing the work while we guide you. Our primary goal as a club is to encourage ridership by teaching folks how to fix and maintain their bikes. No experience needed, but please be prepared to get dirty as repairing bikes is usually a pretty messy activity.

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