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"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man." -Iris Murdoch

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Bicycle Film Festival NYC 2008

The Bicycle Film Festival is currently being held in New York City. It started yesterday and continues until Sunday (May 28th – June 1st). Unless otherwise stated, films will be shown at the Anthology Film Archives at 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street in the East Village.

You can find the full schedule here:


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West Meadow Beach Ride

So, Jenny and I were the only two to go on the ride this Saturday, but I’ll say you all missed a beautiful day out there on the road. The first stop was West Meadow Beach, which is still a little too chilly for swimming, nonetheless fun was found amidst the playground swingsets and giant tic-tac-toe board (it was a tie). Next we headed down West Meadow Rd towards Old Field Rd. where we then made a stop at Frank Melville Memorial Park–a place teeming with wildlife (well…turtles and swans at least). But seriously it is a cool place and within easy biking distance of SBU. It is a really beautiful and serene place to visit. On our way back to campus down North Country Rd. we noticed that the Three Village Historical Society was holding a huge yard sale with more bric-a-brac than you could shake a stick at. All in all it was a great day for a great ride on a route that is easy for anyone to make on their own. If anyone is interested in taking this ride leave a comment and we’ll put together another ride for over the summer.


Early Saturday West Meadow Beach Ride

This weekend, Jenny will lead a local ride at an earlier time. Please RSVP in the comments section if you intend to ride. Here’s what she has in mind:

“I’m ready to lead an early ride on saturday. I propose to depart from the fountain @ 8 a.m. and go to West Meadow beach to enjoy the sunrise and walking on the beach. Stop at Anne Marie’s farm stand on the way back. Return early enough to get a good day’s worth of work done.”

This is a nice, local ride of easy to moderate difficulty. There are only a few hills, traffic is fairly light, and the scenery is nice. The round-trip distance (if you go all the way out to the tip of West Meadow Beach) will probably be less than 10 miles.

Here’s a hypothetical route from campus to West Meadow, with a stop at Anne Marie’s on the way back.

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Campus Life Awards

For the past two years, Freewheel has been very lucky to receive a total of 4* Campus Life Awards! We have been nominated again this year, so come on out and show your support for Freewheel and other active campus groups. Here is the announcement (sent by Dr. Sue Dimonda, Associate Dean and Director of Student Life):

Campus Life Awards Ceremony and Reception- For Excellence in Leadership & Campus Involvement
Wednesday, May 7, 2008, SAC Auditorium 5:30pm – 7:00pm Reception to follow

*Its a weird story, we actually won 3 awards, but we have 4 award plaques.  There was a mix up last year where they awarded us the wrong award and then didn’t have plaques made up for the awards we did win!

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Freewheel Party, Ride, Picnic

Freewheel has now existed as a club at Stony Brook University since the fall of 2005. To celebrate the passage of another academic year, let’s plan to make a group ride somewhere and stop for a picnic along the way. A couple of good sites for picnic include Short Beach, Long Beach, and West Meadow Beach. There are picnic tables at each of these sites and the ride to these locations are fun and scenic.

The best time to do this might be after finals, but before too many people have left for the summer. I would propose the latter part of graduation weekend: Sunday, May 25. Does this work for anyone?